Monday, August 18, 2014

New development

OCNG5 testing is coming along just fine, so... here's a spoiler of new development:
Opteron 6276 at 2990 MHz (all-core turbo w/refclock of 230 MHz) in an H8SGL. There are still some challenges, stability needs improvement and memory tuning is off (DDR3-1533 vs expected DDR3-1763). Work continues :-)


  1. Looking forward to H8SGL support. Do you Happen to support the H8DG6 as well?

    1. Unfortunately, I don't own an H8DG6. Options for getting the support in are: working remotely (if things go south, recovery equipment is ~$150), sponsoring, or loaning a board (H8DGi would work as well).

  2. Negotiating terms for loaning out a H8DGI over [H]ard|Forum PM.

  3. Development has been pretty slow due to low interest. There is internal beta. Fine-grained clock control is in the works, other features work as expected (i.e. as in released version for 4P boards). HTH :)