Tuesday, December 29, 2015

OCNG 5.3 is here!

And it's got a couple of goodies.

First off, it now runs on H8DG6 and H8DGi boards (including -F variant).
This would not happen if not for the help of Owen who loaned us a dev board.

Second, it introduces extra knob for unlocked CPUs and that is multiplier adjustment (Vcore adjustment was already present in OCNG 5.2).
Having it should relieve some owners of unlocked CPUs from post-boot multiplier/voltage adjustments -- you will hopefully no longer need to run TPC from the OS, wee!

The knob is manipulated from ocng-cu -- see the screenshot below:

Otherwise, OCNG 5.3 is functionally identical to OCNG 5.2 so upgrade is not required.

To install OCNG 5.3 head over to: area51dev.blogspot.com/p/ocng5-installation.html

Friday, December 04, 2015

H8DGi/H8DG6 support is on its way!

UPDATE: development of H8DGi/H8DG6 support in OCNG has concluded.
              For more information see OCNG5: introduction.

Thanks to very generous donor (hat tip to Owen!), a development & test H8DGi board was obtained and the work has been ferocious since.
Several interesting obstacles were overcome and things are looking well so far. Here, an Opteron 6128 overclocked 25% to 2.5 GHz.

If nothing out of the ordinary happens during testing, OCNG with H8DG6/H8DGi support will be released very soon (it will most likely be OCNG5.3 at this point -- with extra features for unlocked CPUs).

Please consider making a donation to support development efforts!