Friday, December 04, 2015

H8DGi/H8DG6 support is on its way!

UPDATE: development of H8DGi/H8DG6 support in OCNG has concluded.
              For more information see OCNG5: introduction.

Thanks to very generous donor (hat tip to Owen!), a development & test H8DGi board was obtained and the work has been ferocious since.
Several interesting obstacles were overcome and things are looking well so far. Here, an Opteron 6128 overclocked 25% to 2.5 GHz.

If nothing out of the ordinary happens during testing, OCNG with H8DG6/H8DGi support will be released very soon (it will most likely be OCNG5.3 at this point -- with extra features for unlocked CPUs).

Please consider making a donation to support development efforts!


  1. Is there any chance of H8DGU support? It's the single northbridge variant. Would you need a board shipped to you or is it similar enough to H8DGi/H8DG6 that you can edit the BIOS without one? I will have a board I could loan, but IIRC you're on the east side of the pond and int'l shipping is ridiculous.

    1. Jason, H8DGU support may be possible, but, as H8DGi/6 have been the most tricky to work with, the board would first need to be examined remotely (Linux box with root privs and SSH access from the Internet).

      If you feel like proceeding let know via e-mail and we'll work out the details.

    2. Hello,can you support H8DGU now? This board is really cheap on ebay now.

    3. Work has been quite slow but we do have a test BIOS.
      Send us an e-mail if you'd like to give it a shot on your board.