Tuesday, December 29, 2015

OCNG 5.3 is here!

And it's got a couple of goodies.

First off, it now runs on H8DG6 and H8DGi boards (including -F variant).
This would not happen if not for the help of Owen who loaned us a dev board.

Second, it introduces extra knob for unlocked CPUs and that is multiplier adjustment (Vcore adjustment was already present in OCNG 5.2).
Having it should relieve some owners of unlocked CPUs from post-boot multiplier/voltage adjustments -- you will hopefully no longer need to run TPC from the OS, wee!

The knob is manipulated from ocng-cu -- see the screenshot below:

Otherwise, OCNG 5.3 is functionally identical to OCNG 5.2 so upgrade is not required.

To install OCNG 5.3 head over to: area51dev.blogspot.com/p/ocng5-installation.html


  1. Any chance of compatibility with H8DGU-F boards?

    1. H8DGU work is in progress albeit quite slow.
      E-mail us if you're interested in a test version!

    2. Hi Tear,

      I'm running two Opteron 6308 processors (stock 3.5GHz) on my board and pretty happy with them. However I would really like to run them at 3.8 GHz or even 4GHz if I could, I have the power supply and cooling to support such speeds. Heck I even considered getting my hands on two 6328 processors (not for the extra 8 cores but definitely for the extra 300MHz bump) but I'm not willing to fork $600 just for that boost :(

      I have both H8DGU and an H8DGU-F. I'm willing to donate the H8DGU-F one to you if you would like to further support the H8DGU in a future OCNG release. You mentioned you there is test version available, what is the current state of this test version? I would be interested in a copy as well.

      Really need your help, I badly want to boost single threaded performance on my machine!



    3. Hi Sam,

      Drop me an e-mail with a request.
      Test version is functional with some caveats when using boards with 9LPRS47x clock synthesizer (refclocks that are not evenly divisible by 5 boot much slower).


    4. Hey Tear, don't know if you still keep up on this blog, but I emailed you about H8DGU-F test builds.
      Evan :)

    5. Hi Evan, sorry for not getting to this e-mail sooner. My family has grown larger and I haven't been devoting a lot of time to this project.

      Will try to send it on weekend. If I don't -- ping me again.