OCNG5: Installation of ocng-utils on Linux

To install ocng-utils, follow these steps. They need to be performed only once:
  1. Ensure that make and gcc compiler are installed. Note that their installation process is distribution-specific.
  2. Open fresh terminal.
  3. Retrieve the source code:
    wget -O ocng-utils-5.3.tar.gz http://darkswarm.org/sm-bios/ocng-utils-5.3.tar.gz
  4. Untar the source code:
    tar -xzf ocng-utils-5.3.tar.gz
  5. Build ocng-utils:
    make -C ocng-utils-5.3
  6. If the build completes, install ocng-utils. Make sure to do it as root (on Ubuntu prepend the command line with sudo).
    make -C ocng-utils-5.3 install
  7. If you are upgrading older version of ocng-utils, you're done!
    If this is new installation, proceed to the next step.
  8. Ensure that msr module is loaded at boot -- add it to /etc/modules if necessary.
    Run the following command line as root (on Ubuntu prepend it with sudo):
    sed -ri '/^[[:space:]]*msr[[:space:]]*$/d;$a msr' /etc/modules
  9. Load msr module so ocng-utils are usable right away.
    Run the following lines as root (on Ubuntu prepend them with sudo):
    modprobe msr

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