OCNG5: Installation of ocng-utils on Windows

Windows version of ocng-utils is distributed in a portable way in zip archive so no installation per se is required. To use ocng-utils on Windows:
  1. Download http://darkswarm.org/sm-bios/ocng-utils-5.3.zip
  2. Extract contents of downloaded archive.
  3. Locate and enter ocng-utils-5.3-windows sub-directory.
  4. Run desired utility (as administrator)


  1. Hi there all,
    The install on bios was easy, but having problems with ocng-utils, it worked once and that was only after trying all the apps 32bit and 64bit. I got the 32bit to work once and take me throw the overclocking setup, but my system is crashing and now.

    I tried to reuse the apps in ocng-utils I can not get the Apps to run also it freezes the folder window. another thing is I get a error when shutting down also the system has to be hard shutdown by button before it will restart.

    Photo of error on shutdown as that only way to stop the program

    I have given the apps admin rights also tried to set it to run in windows 7 but program just freezes up.

    Thanks for your time,

  2. Few comments:
    a) on Windows, make sure to use .zip archive, not .tar.gz.
    b) don't move (or remove) WinRing0 DLLs from the ocng-utils directories, error 0xc0000142 is STATUS_DLL_INIT_FAILED so either the DLLs are missing or are otherwise inaccessible (which may be caused by an antivirus); do you see other message boxes before seeing the 0xc0000142 error?
    c) both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the app should work fine on a 64-bit system
    d) unfortunately, reboots are known to be problematic; to be on a safe side do a power-cycle instead (shutdown followed by a power-on)

    As I have no idea how your installation ended up in current state, I'd recommend starting anew, that is:
    1) Delete all ocng-utils directories and archives
    2) Download fresh copy of ocng-utils-5.3.zip
    3) Unzip it
    4) Run any of the utilities as administrator (they are very simple apps so no setup is required); if you see problems, disable the antivirus and start at step #1

  3. I'm currently getting this message displayed when attempting to run the OCNG Utilities program on both Win 10 and Linux:

    Couldn't determine OCNG firmware version (error -1).

    This utility is meant for OCNG firmware version 5.3

    Install OCNG firmware version 5.3

    I was surprised to see this message since I have flashed the BIOS twice successfully. Once originally and once without BMC enabled to try to troubleshoot this problem.

    I am currently using the Supermicro H8SGL-F motherboard. Both times flashing the BIOS seemed totally successful and I followed the instructions verbatim. I can currently see the OCNG-5.3 splash screen and access all the BIOS setting.

    Basically I get this error trying to run OCNG Utilities on both Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10.

    I really appreciate all the work you have put in on this bios and utility and any light you can shed on this error would be awesome.

    1. Hmm, that indeed is very strange (and hasn't been seen before). I'll need to look at the source code (once I'm back from work) to see what may have gone wrong.

      Are both OSes returning exactly same error?

    2. In the mean time, can you capture complete output of dmidecode on Linux (run it as root) and mail it to me (tear@braxis.org) or otherwise make it available?

    3. Thanks for the quick follow up! Both OSes are returning the same error. I sent an email with the output of dmidecode to the email you specified.

    4. Got the mail, thanks.

      To summarize, the issue was caused by SMBIOS table not getting properly updated (the board was running custom Iron Systems AR700 before) and ocng-cu couldn't identify OCNG firmware.

      Using AFUDOS xxxxxxxx.xxx /P /B /N /C /L2 instead of FLASH.BAT to flash the firmware made the issue go away.

      Also, important note for H8SGL users -- the board may take longer time to post (~3 mins) if refclock is not divisible by 5. You may want to stay with divisible-by-5 refclocks to be safe.

      P.S. Thanks for the donation!

    5. Big thanks to tear for his solid advice and clever troubleshooting. The solution posted above worked like a charm and is useful to know for those of us who buy Supermicro motherboards off of eBay whose history is a bit of an unknown.

      I currently have a Magny-Cours engineering sample with 8 cores up around 4.2 ghz on water. I'm still testing for stability but WOW the utility makes it very easy to experiment with some extreme overclocking if you have an unlocked multiplier.

    6. So it appears that multiplier overclocking of unlocked 6100 series ES processors does not work as expected with OCNG. After a bit of testing and experimentation I came to the conclusion that while the it appeared that I had overclocked my processor a little reality check with CPU-Z revealed that I was still operating at stock clock speeds. It seems that while OCNG changes the multiplier the processor does not necessarily increase its maximum clock speed above stock even with PowerNow disabled and processor forced to max P-state.

      In the end, Turion Power Control is still the most effective way to overclock engineering sample 6100 CPUs as I was able to reach 3.4ghz with 8 cores completely stable under Prime95. TPC also allows setting the voltages a bit higher which is needed at high clock speeds with the ES processors.

      Use OCNG to overclock retail Opterons. The voltage monitoring functionality is also very useful. But if you have an unlocked 6100 Opteron I would recommend the using TPC following tear's guide posted here:


    7. Hmm, this is quite unexpected.
      I'll see about reproducing this on my setup and let you know.

      Thanks for the report :)